Snactiv Multi-Tasking Snacking Chopsticks

Posted: June 07, 2021
Snactiv Multi-Tasking Snacking Chopsticks
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Nobody describes a pair of multi-tasking snacking chopsticks better than Snactiv themselves: "A completely unnecessary but very cool snacking tool." And it doesn't stop there. Snactiv continues, in words after my very own heart, to explain the tool has "one function: "...to shove more snacks into your huge mouth without interrupting your activities or getting your crap covered in grease or snack debris."

What more do you need to know?

And what more do you need to own while working, gaming, playing some mind-numbing game with your kids, throwing your dog's slobber ball in the backyard, signing the closing papers on your new house....

At printing, Snactiv was taking preorders for their mow-down multi-tasker, available in Light Mode (white) or Dark Mode (black), and with or without a custom carrying case.

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