The Chiller Iceless Beverage Cooler

Posted: September 01, 2019
The Chiller Iceless Beverage Cooler
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Triple-fist it and keep all 3 of your drinks icy cold with The Chiller. Described as a "portable beverage refrigerator" The Chiller's walls are lined with gel that, when frozen overnight, creates a koozie of cold that can chill rounds of beer by the threes, or bottle after bottle of wine.

So I should amend my opening statement to say, "Triple-fist it or grab your Guzzle Buddy and a bottle Chardonnay."

The Chiller has a clever design to accommodate cans and 12-ounce bottles in koozies along its spine, or a 750ml to 1000ml wine or spirits bottle in the sleeve on its end. Chill time takes about 30 minutes for room temp drinks, but once one round is cold, you can swap them out for another, and keep chilling in The Chiller all day long.

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