The Choco Flaker

Posted: October 23, 2019
The Choco Flaker
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Boska Holland hasn't just done the world a wondrous service in creating the Choco Flaker, they've done it in naming this super swell topping maker the "Choco Flaker." Not that Choco Flaker isn't the most logical name for a kitchen gadget that turns chocolate bars into chocolate flakes for sprinkling over your cakes, pies, whipped cream-covered drinks, and - boy do I like the way the Dutch think - morning toast. But the ring of it, Choco Flaker, Choco Flaker, Choco FlakerChocoFlakerChocoFlaker makes the dessert wingman sound as good as the flakes it flakes look.

The Choco Flaker operates with most types of chocolate, presuming it isn't filled with runny caramel York Peppermint Patty-style goo. Place a wad of it in the ceramic Flaker container, rotate its stainless steel lid, and make it rain, baby! If you can't afford to shower your lady in cash, or a Tiffany & Co. Advent Calendar, I bet she wouldn't mind a blizzard of chocolate as a consolation prize.

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