The CouchCoaster

Posted: January 22, 2017
The CouchCoaster
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The CouchCoaster: Because you could throw your back out reaching all the way to the coffee table to get your beer.

The CouchCoaster: No more kicking over the drinks during an impassioned reaction to a play / comment / fat ugly face on TV.

The CouchCoaster: As Seen on TV for those who spend a good lot of time with their asses planted in front of it.

A coaster and a cup holder, the CouchCoaster slides over the arm of most styles of couches to secure can, cups, mugs, and even baby bottles in place for easy reach to drink and mess-free holstering in between sips. The attachment has flexible and weighted silicone sides that fit it over different arm widths and stabilize it once in place. An interior adapter adjusts the size of the cup holder to accommodate smaller girthed beverages, and an integrated mug handle slot makes the CouchCoaster a viable place to set down your morning coffee as well.

CouchCoasters come in colors Mocha, Red, Black, and Gray. Admittedly, none of them is very attractive, but hey, sometimes function wins out over form.

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