TopKnife Laguiole Folding Steak Knife

Posted: July 26, 2022
Laguiole Folding Steak Knife
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You just never know when you're going to need a fancy French steak knife to cut a porterhouse or a ribeye on the fly. In my life, anyway, I can hardly walk down the street without neighbors and shopkeepers thrusting delectable cuts of meat my way. But I'm always in a suit, and also in a great rush, late getting somewhere very important. And they never give me silverware to eat the steak with, and I can't possibly use my hands because it will drip all over my suit, and....

Oh wait, that's not my real life. It's a strange recurring dream I have.

But maybe now that I've seen TopKnife's Laguiole Folding Steak Knife, and spent all this time associating it with my dream of powerlessness in eating steaks while panicked and in formal wear, it will trigger an appearance of the pocket knife in my pants or suit jacket the next time someone gives me a juicy filet mignon in my sleep.

The TopKnife Laguiole Folding Steak Knife isn't actually from the French town that made the style famous, and it's not part of the Jean Dubost Laguiole trademark cutlery line you might be familiar with. TopKnife has simply created their folding steak knife in the spirit of the Laguiole design. This might disappoint you at first, but to counter: TopKnife has not priced their folding steak knife in the spirit of Laguiole costs. And if you get one as a gift for Dad, he'll probably never notice it's not the real thing.

The folding steak knife is 7-5/8" long when open, and 4-3/8" long when closed. The blade is 3-1/2" of AISI 440 high carbon stainless steel. TopKnife Laguiole-style handles come in rosewood, maple, or pakkawood.

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