Vinglace Wine Bottle Chiller & Wine Glass Gift Set

Posted: April 05, 2023
Vinglace Wine Bottle Chiller & Wine Glass Gift Set
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They pronounce it vin-glass-ay to make sure you know this wine bottle chiller and wine glass gift set is tray class-ay.

The Vinglace Wine Bottle Chiller is a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel holder whose shapeliness matches your bottles of white wine and sparkling wine, plus red wine you prefer to drink cellar temperature, or, if you're this dude, ice cold to make it "taste less wine-y." One Vinglace fan also pointed out this Wine Bottle Chiller can fit tall, skinny bottles of French ro-say, an accommodation many other sleeve-style chillers cannot.

Like the chiller, the Vinglace Wine Glasses will keep your wine cool, courtesy of an insulating stainless steel exterior shell. However, to prevent a metallic taste from infiltrating your wine, the stemless vessels have glass inserts, so your pours - and your lips, for that matter - will never touch metal.

The Vinglace Wine Bottle Chiller & Wine Glass Gift Set comes in 6 colors, plus a Pickleball and Tennis edition, with racquets printed on the chiller and pair of 10-ounce glasses. So I guess that indicates the set is a great bringalong for pickleball and tennis ah-pray activities, in addition to picnics and camping trips. Calling it a "gift set" also makes me think it would be a tray bonn-ay gift for your girlfriend or Mother's Day gift for your mama.

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