8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Posted: May 05, 2017
8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen

You don't need help figuring out all the shady and covert things you could use an 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen for. So instead I'll provide a non-shyster list of its potential applications.

  • Record boring ass meetings in case you need to remember something from them without letting everyone know you're recording the boring ass meeting so you can zone out / find the best Friday happy hour during it.
  • Record interactions with The Law for later proof of what was said. And by "The Law," I of course mean your mother-in-law and father-in-law.
  • Although the pen really writes, better to use it to record your thoughts because who knows how to make letters by hand anymore?
  • Record your wife's / butcher's / doctor's / instructions about chores / marinating / medicine. Because listening in real time is boring and hard.

The Digital Voice Recorder Pen plugs into computers via USB for immediate download of its WAV files to a desktop folder. You can play them back on Windows Media Player or the like, with no additional software required.

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