AirFly Wireless Transmitters with Audio Sharing

Posted: August 22, 2023
AirFly Wireless Transmitters with Audio Sharing
$79.95 - $108.58
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The AirFly series of wireless transmitters from Twelve South converts any type of audio jack into a Bluetooth connection point for AirPods, noise cancelling headphones, or other wireless listening devices. AirFly Duo and AirFly Pro models also allow pairing with 2 sets of headphones simultaneously, so seatmates on flights and in cars can listen to content on the same device. The Pro further allows for sending audio from your phone or other device to an AUX-IN, so you can play music on wired speakers and in rental cars and boats that don't have Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition to travel partners hoping to continue their Succession marathon on the plane, and kids you'd love to occupy in silence with all four Toy Story movies on a road trip, AirFly double wireless transmitters are also great for gym buddies who want to stream a workout together at the gym, and parents who want to stay up late watching TV without waking the baby. The AirFly SE, which pairs with just one set of headphones, is great for solo travelers, and for connecting wirelessly to gym equipment and gaming devices.

AirFly audio sharers all have 20+ hours of battery life per charge, and recharge via USB-C.

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