Alexagate Amazon Echo Spy Blocker

Posted: August 08, 2020
Alexagate Amazon Echo Spy Blocker
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You may not always be talking to her, but Alexa is always listening. Even when she swears she's not, which is, like, Play #1 in the Eavesdropper's Handbook. Alexagate is here to cover her ears, put the counter surveillance kibosh on your Amazon Echo's perky microphone via "a little hat" that sits atop Alexa's head.

Actually Alexagate is pretty big. More like George Constanza's Russian sable hat, but made of loud yellow plastic.

But so it must be for the spy blocker to jam Alexa's microphone with 7 speakers emitting continuous white noise. Here it's in the form of pulsed ultrasound that will make the Echo deaf to your conversations and goings on, but is itself beyond the range of adult human hearing. (Not sure about kids and pets, but I'm sure they'll let you know if Alexagate is wigging them out as soon as you turn it on.)

Alexagate begins its white noise wipeout at your command - 3 claps to turn it on, and 3 more to turn it off. The 5" x 3" x 3" spy blocker is compatible with all popular Amazon Echo products.

If you'd like to try your hand at building your own smart speaker privacy control, check out the Alias, a "parasite" for various brands of voice assistants.

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