Amazon Dash Buttons

Posted: July 29, 2015
Amazon Dash Buttons

Imagine snapping your fingers and--poof!--more coffee, bottled water, and toilet paper just show up at your door. Amazon Dash Buttons are like that, but maybe even better because pressing a button is actually way easier than snapping your fingers. Talk of the buttons was previously tossed around news outlets right before April 1, leading everyone to believe they were a joke. While no joke, they have seemingly been in Beta testing phases for the past few months, available only to certain Prime members by invite.

But as of today Dash Buttons are on the loose and on offer to all Amazon Prime members. The devices currently sync up with about 18 common and popular consumer products (likely ones with brand owners who threw in a few mill to get their names on the debut series) and enable users to reorder items including Glad bags, Gillette razors, and Gatorade through Amazon just by pressing their corresponding Dash Buttons. Buttons themselves are tiny fob-like accessories with a magnetic backing for sticking to the fridge or area near the product you'll be reordering.

Dash Buttons set up using the Amazon app on a smartphone or tablet and your home Wi-Fi connection. While pressing the button does immediately place an order, you'll have the option to confirm/cancel it via a "depression alert" Amazon sends to your phone. In honor of the absent minded and clumsy, the Dash Button will also respond only to a single press until your order is delivered (unless you change its default setting).

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