ARMA G1 Top Secret Secure Communicator

Posted: December 27, 2023
ARMA G1 Secure Communicator

Secrets, secrets are no fun / Secrets, secrets...are very easy to keep, however, with the ARMA G1. The ARMA G1 secure communicator believes itself to be a steel-reinforced concrete vault of messaging. Designed for "TOP SECRET level security," the device sends information over the public infrastructure of the Tor network, which routes user data anonymously through a complex web of relay servers across the globe. There are no messaging services involved, and no traceable data to attack.

Use of the Tor network also means you won't need to buy a plan or subscription to use the ARMA G1. Each communicator activates in minutes, and is ready to join a closed communications network with others of its ilk through the sharing of temporary codes.

All ARMA instruments also include the brand's patented Dynamic Identity feature, which will regularly change the International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI) number for the G1. The communicator's SIM card is virtual.

The ARMA G1 uses communications software, a Linux-based operating system, and an electronics board designed and manufactured entirely by ARMA Instruments. It comes without 3rd party apps, a microphone, NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS. The device doesn't even have a connector, but charges wirelessly, and connects only to the cellular network. Any of you dudes and ladies resolving to become the next James Bond in 2024, the ARMA G1 secure communicator is ready and waiting to launch your spy gadget collection.

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