Color Muse for DIY Paint Match

Posted: November 06, 2016
Color Muse for DIY Paint Match
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The only thing less fun than painting your living room walls purple--sorry, eggplant--is having your girlfriend decide after all the paint is applied, and dried, and you're moving your couch back in front of the TV, that it's the wrong. damn. color. Not really like the one on that one wall in her yoga studio after all. It really needs to be like the one in her yoga studio to look good. Really? Really?!

I don't know if this Color Muse tube of color entrapment works like the absolute infallible charm it would need to to make my gf happy, but I'd be willing to go to the yoga studio, Muse-scan their wall, and see what matches come up.

The Color Muse claims accurate color matching to name brand paints, tile, floor covering, and other home products from scans of most any surface. Painted walls, leather jackets, canvas couches, shag carpets, whatever you got that can fit within its 1" lens. Once a surface is scanned, the Color Muse pairs with a free app to present a list and palette of matching complementary colors, plus their names and manufacturers.

You can store Color Muse scans and results in a mobile color library for future use, or explore some of the app's other features for further suggestions of what to do with them. The "Find Inspirations" selection pulls up photos of professionally designed interiors that incorporate your scanned color, as well as identifies other prominent colors in the scene in case you're looking for a set. "Quick Inspect" compares any 2 Color Muse scans and pulls up the perceptible differences between them.

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