Covert Escape Nickel Compass

Posted: August 29, 2016
Covert Escape Nickel Compass
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If I had a nickel for every nickel that's ever gotten me out of a pickle, I'd have...one Shomer-Tec Nickel. Because, holy Thomas Jefferson, dudes, the Shomer-Tec nickel isn't just your average five cent piece. It's also a covert compass you can use to help escape kidnappers and hostile foreign environments, or keep in your car change tray for when your phone battery dies and you need to figure out where the H-E-G-P-S you're going without letting on to the scrutinizing girlfriend sitting next to you that you're lost.

Shomer-Tec made the Nickel Compass in the spirit of similar inconspicuous tools added to Allied airmen escape and evasion kits in WWII. While the original compasses weren't designed to look like any other object--they were simply small and easy to carry, with minimal markings--yesterday's and today's versions do function the same. Suspend the nickel by a thread wound through the channel carved into its outer edging, and the heads side will always move to indicate magnetic north.

The Nickel Compass looks and feels like a real nickel. Because it is a real nickel. Shomer-Tec also makes the same brand of MacGyver madness in a 50 cent Euro coin. Buyer will need to supply their own thread to put the compass in action.

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