Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun

Posted: October 20, 2013
Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun
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It's not surprising that the Deaf Leopard train horn gun can put the power and sound of a choo choo in our hands. I mean, if they can turn forearm muscles into remote control guns with an armband and find the Higgs boson and make Christina Aguilera look like someone I might actually want to have sex with again, why wouldn't they be able to give some idiot a 4-barrel, CO2-powered, 130dB hand-held horn that will most likely cause him and those around him permanent hearing damage at the high school football game, or passed-out-drunk frat brother's bedroom, where he'll use it? Oh man, and I thought it couldn't get any worse than the air horns and cowbells people use at pee wee games after touchdowns and interceptions...and tackles and 2-yard gains and their kid getting off the bench for 1 play with 30 seconds left in a blowout.

The pinnacle of piercing and obnoxious at your fingertips, Deaf Leopard train horns guarantee to be loud enough even for the largest stadiums, and demand that all users wear ear protection while operating them.

If you want to hear the Deaf Leopard in action, check out the video above. I spared you from setting it to play without warning because on rare occasions I behave like a decent human being.

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