Ford Self-Braking Shopping Cart

Posted: April 25, 2019

A self-braking shopping cart falls right line with the precedent Ford Europe has established with its Interventions series. Remember their last prototype creation, a lane-keeping smart bed? Just as that not-really-necessary piece of tech uses Ford's existing road sensors to detect a sleeping partner rolling all up in your space, and tilting them right back to their side, the Self-Braking Trolley (that's what the crazy kids in the UK call it) incorporates the Pre-Collison Assist technology Ford has installed in most of its models.

The self-braking idea stems largely from parents on shopping trips with their kids, and the stress of a runaway cart either containing or driven by a kiddo who can't control it. Or both. The 5-year-old taking off with the baby in the top basket can conjure up a super special sense of dread I'll bet. With Pre-Collison Assist in the shopping cart though, a sensor scans ahead to detect obstacles in the aisles (e.g., other shoppers), the contents of the aisles (e.g., wall of glass-jarred condiments), and center displays (e.g., a tower of cereal boxes) and automatically apply the cart's brakes before impact. The feature could also prevent runaway carts, and carts other shoppers were too lazy to return to the corral, from rolling into your car.

Probably can't do too much if it's your car running into them though.

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