HD Video Spy Glasses

Posted: December 14, 2012
HD Video Spy Glasses

You-Vision Video Glasses don't do the I-spying for you, but they do allow you to film what your little eye sees. In HD. A tiny camera built into the bridge of the glasses records full motion video with the push of a button along the temples. No more rooting around for or trying to locate the camera or camera phone and missing prime shots of kids' first steps...and first face plants...and first face plants on the family puggle. It's all here now, at ocular disposal, eye level, and you point of view. Just please don't use the glasses to record compromising scenes or vantage points unbeknownst to the persons being filmed. That would be very inappropriate. Tons of fun to show your friends, but very inappropriate.

And if their capabilities weren't enough to score the sale, did you notice how Clark Kent slick the You-Vision glasses are? I mean, if I weren't already the Grand Poobah of cool, all I'd have to do is slide these babies on and rest assured that I'd be there shortly. I could even tape my journey!

You-Vision records 1280 x 720 resolution video and sound only--no still photos--and comes with a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery. Its Micro SD slot accepts memory cards up to 16GB, and videos are downloadable to Macs and PCs via USB. Included in the package are a 4GB Micro SD card, case, cleaning cloth, USB cable, and power adapter.

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