KardiaMobile Personal EKG Machine

Posted: March 24, 2021
AliveCor KardiaMobile Personal EKG
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A KardiaMobile Personal EKG Machine might not be the Mother's Day gift Mom was hoping for, but...sorry, Mama, you're over 70 now, so it's the one you're getting. I need to know you're properly monitoring your own health. ... Also, I'm about to tell you that I just had a vasectomy and you're never getting grandkids, so I also need to know if this news gives you a stroke.

The KardiaMobile is an FDA-cleared device that pairs with your smartphone and a Kardia app to detect atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, or normal heart rhythm with the tap of a few fingers, and the convenience of not having to truck it to your doctor's office. To take a reading, place the KardiaMobile on a flat surface near your phone, and place two fingers on each sensor pad. Maker AliveCor says it will take the KardiaMobile just 30 seconds to return an accurate electrocardiogram readout, which it will then store on your phone for tracking, future reference, or to email to your doctor.

KardiaMobile requires no additional wires, patches, or gels for use, and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

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