Kindle Scribe for Reading & Writing

Posted: October 07, 2022
Kindle Scribe for Reading & Writing
$339.99 - $419.99
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Highlight by hand, take notes, and doodle on your eBooks with Amazon's new Kindle Scribe, an eReader that also lets you eWrite "as naturally as you do on paper."

The Kindle Scribe also comes with a big ol' 10.2", 300 ppi, glare-free Paperwhite display, and the stylus you'll use to put your mark on books and documents saved in your library. Amazon is offering Scribes with Basic and Premium Pens, the latter having a dedicated eraser and shortcut button.

The Kindle Scribe automatically organizes all notes or drawings paired with ebooks by the book, and saves them in one place for later browsing, reviewing, and emailing. The new eReader also has included templates, such as lined and grid paper, for users to create their own notebooks, journals, and lists. For accessing and marking up external documents, you can use the Kindle app or a desktop web browser to import PDFs and Word files.

Amazon will release the Kindle Scribe on November 30, 2022.

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