Labrador Retriever Assistive Robot

Posted: January 13, 2022

The Labrador Retriever isn't here to oust your dog and become your new best friend, but the assistive robot does hope to become another kind of indispensable companion in your life, or the life of someone you know who is disabled, injured, elderly, or suffering from chronic pain. Developed by Labrador Systems, the Labrador Retriever is a smart, mobile assistant designed to help with daily activities, and enable people to live more independently.

The Retriever functions as a grabber, a holder, a carrier - basically an extra pair of hands with a strong-like-ox body that can bring items within reach, and move heavy or cumbersome loads around the house. Examples include delivering meals and medications, carrying laundry and packages, and moving daily necessities from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen, and back.

Users can command their robots in a few different ways: by touch in an app; with voice commands through an Alexa-enabled device; or by a pre-set schedule.

Labrador will offer two assistive robot models, the fully loaded Labrador Retriever, and a smaller Labrador Caddie. The Retriever is the more feature-rich model, with a self-adjusting height for both the upper and lower decks, and an automatic retrieval function for transferring items on Labrador brand trays to and from the robot. Both robots have various customizable options that Labrador will set up for you, including robot "training" on the specific layout of your home.

Labrador robots navigate through homes using advanced 3D visions. They can move between rooms and through doorways, maneuver around tight spaces, and avoid obstacles. Like giant Roombas. They also automatically dock themselves when they need to charge.

Labrador unveiled their Retriever and Caddie assistive robots at CES 2022. According to their product page, they are aiming to be in full production by the second half of 2023. Interested parties can reserve a place on the waitlist for a refundable $250 deposit.

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