Langogo Pocket AI Translator with Global WiFi Hotspot

Posted: August 21, 2019
Langogo Pocket AI Translator with Global WiFi Hotspot
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Langogo is a handheld instant two-way translator for travels and Tinder dates where you know you're going to hit a language and communication barrier*. Langogo provides translation across 105 languages, including against different accents of the same language. You can also use the device as a mobile WiFi hotspot to access local information, such as maps, rideshare apps, places to stay and eat, and weather forecasts.

Langogo has a one-button translation mode, whereby you click the button and speak, and get your translation both spoken and written out on its 3.1" retina display. You can also activate an Interpreter Mode for continuous recording / translating, say, during a phone call, so you don't have to click the button over and over.

For use as a WiFi hotspot, Langogo comes with an embedded eSIM card, which allows for a WiFi connection with up to 5 devices. However, you'll have to purchase a hotspot data plan separately for general web and app use. Your online translation data is free for 2 years after purchase, and will then require a subscription as well.

*Sorry, dudes and ladies, I'm talking structured, regional languages here, not the languages of Men, Women, and Love.

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