Lazy Glasses - Read & Watch TV While Lying Down

Posted: December 13, 2020
Flammi Lazy Glasses - Read & Watch TV While Lying Down
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Watching TV and reading my Kindle from a supine position: check. I like. Lying on my back with my phone propped on my belly and scrolling through Reddit and Twitter first thing in the morning and last thing at night: yep. Like. Lazy Glasses, funky spectacles fitted with image-tilting prisms so I can do it all without contorting my neck or developing arm aches from holding my devices overhead: thumbs up, fire, heart, heart, heart emoji. How many times and ways can I like? Lazy Glasses were 100% made for lazy me.

The perspective-shifting glasses aren't magnifiers or focusers, they simply flip vertical images 90 degrees downward so you can view them comfortably when you're lying belly-up. Those who wear prescription glasses can put Lazy Glass on over them.

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