LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Posted: January 04, 2014
Check It Out

If you weren't crowned winner of our Pet Jellyfish Tank Giveaway, or are like me and don't have much success keeping alive things in your care alive, this LED jellyfish mood lamp could be the non-living companion of your dreams. Look at those 3 little guys swimming around inside. So graceful. So precious. So made of inorganic materials.

The desktop aquarium uses a gently powered current to encourage jellyfish crawls, and features 6 LEDs at its top portion that can set color-specific moods, or cycle through a light show. It's the perfect gift for the office, second only to a fat raise, as well as the perfect gift for the bedroom, second only to a Victoria's Secret model.

And speaking of hot girls, jellyfish might need the occasional lube-up in the form of a few drops of dish soap to keep them frictionless and free-moving.

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