magic Opener - Magnetic All-Thing Opener

Posted: March 18, 2016
magic Opener - Magnetic All-Thing Opener
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Maybe "All-Thing" is a slight exaggeration. The magic Opener EXTREME won't open a corked wine bottle. Or a bag of chips. Or, ladies, his heart to you. But it will open a lot. Beer bottles, screw-top bottles, pull-tab food and sodie cans. All without breaking your nails, slicing your fingers, or forcing you to ask someone stronger to do it.

For every liberty the magic Opener EXTREME takes with the capitalization of the words "magic Opener EXTREME" the doohickey has a slot or pry for gripping and releasing the caps and lids that stand between you and your microbrew. Your kids and their Spaghetti-Os. Your cat and his Fancy Feast. The magic Opener EXTREME also has an ergonomic design for holding comfort, and a magnetic back for optional refrigerator storage.

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