NOTA Mole Tracker

Posted: January 03, 2022
NOTA Mole Tracker
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Meet the NOTA Mole Tracker. Despite its name, it is not not a mole tracker, it is a mole tracker. A gadgety wand of a mole tracker that's compact, safe for everyone, and made for consumers to use at home to help with the early detection of skin cancer.

While the NOTA Mole Tracker does not appear to have FDA approval (at least not at printing) the device does use electrical impulse technology scientifically proven to behave differently in the presence of a melanoma than it does when exposed to a normal mole. This "bioimpedance analysis technology" is also used in many fitness trackers and smart scales that analyze human body composition. To use the NOTA system to analyze a mole, you'll both photograph and upload it to the NOTA app, and then hover the tracker over the mole to take the impulse reading.

The app then analyzes the mole and provides an assessment in about 20 seconds. A Green Zone reading indicates the mole is the same as healthy skin, while a Red Zone reading suggests you should see a doctor ASAP.

The NOTA Mole Tracker app can also save all of your mole locations and data when you do a reading, so you can recheck and track them over time.

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