NReal Air AR Glasses

Posted: November 13, 2022
NReal AR Glasses

They're not unreal, they're NReal. They're not virtual reality, they're augmented reality. NReal Air AR Glasses aren't a bunch of fake shit, they're a bunch of real shit...with a bunch of fake shit sprinkled in to make them better, and also to make you question what's real and what's fake. Like pretty much everything else in life right now.

No, wait, that's a dark path to travel down, and truly not where I want to lead you in discussing NReal Air AR Glasses, which are actually all about the light. Light in the form of technicolor, cinema-grade viewing experiences with their 130" Full HD display in Air Casting Mode, or 201" Full HD display and real world augmentations in Air AR Space mode.

NReal's 79-gram sunglasses-style frames house AR tech that can enhance a lot of the tech you already use daily. Air Casting supports streaming, cloud gaming, TikTok, pretty much all mobile apps on a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch*. AR Space (compatible only with Android devices) combines 3DoF with first and third party AR apps to provide NReal Air wearers enhanced options for everything from web browsing to stationary cycling, to AR-exploring the world.

*The NReal Adapter, sold separately, is required to use NReal Air AR Glasses with iPhone and Nintendo Switch.

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