NukAlert Keychain Nuclear Radiation Detector & Monitor

Posted: July 11, 2023
NukAlert Keychain Nuclear Radiation Detector & Monitor
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NukAlert sounds a little cooler than Geiger Counter and dosimeter when it comes to naming a nuclear radiation detector and monitor. It also sounds a whole lot more sensational and alarmist. That said, the NukAlert shouldn't go off when you stand next to your microwave or the dentist is x-raying your teeth. Rather, the keychain-sized detector and monitor is calibrated to alert you when your radiation exposure reaches "dangerous levels."

NukAlert monitoring of gamma and x-ray radiation is active 24/7, and its battery is rated to have a life of 10+ years. If enough radiation is present to trigger the detector (20 keV or more) one of 10 "chirping" alarms will go off, each at a proportionally increasing rate to indicate the severity of the radiation. Level 10 is 2+ MeV.

The NukAlert Keychain has a detection range of 100 mR/hr to 5,000 R/hr.

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