OTTO Automatic Herb Mill & Roller

Posted: December 02, 2018
Otto Herb Grinder & Roller
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Like to treat your herbs right? Grind and roll them into a perfect cone in seconds, without mess and waste? Banana Bros. has a mill you really OTTO try.

The OTTO is an herb mill and roller with an ultramodern visual and advanced technological design. Banana Bros. specifically calls the OTTO a "mill" rather than a "grinder" because it uses an onboard microcomputer and AI sensors to automatically adjust the pressure, speed, and direction of its precision-engineered milling blades to the texture and consistency of your herbs. The process takes seconds, and includes a cap-off of sending the milled and mixed herbs through OTTO's O-Tube, where an attached cone awaits to be filled and rolled.

OTTO mills all types of herbs - wet, dry, sticky, big, small, I'll bet even the non-wacky ones. It's "smart" milling system ensures even, jam-free crushing, an a perfect cone every fill. Banana Bros. touts its creation as providing a smoother and better tasting smoking experience. Some reviewers also point out that OTTO's one-touch operation is invaluable to people using marijuana for pain management who have dexterity issues or disabilities that make hand-grinding and rolling difficult.

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