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Posted: February 24, 2013
PC Prankster
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I live for shenanigans of the PC Prankster variety. No, not because I'm devious and mean-spirited, because I have great empathy for others. I know as well as anyone how it feels to reach a level of frustration with a computer so extreme you have no choice but to scream, "You son of a tri-boobed whore!" and throw it 8 stories down an open stairwell. So when I elicit this rage from others as a part of joke intended for my own delight and amusement, I am able to experience such giddiness only because I understand every nuance of the emotions bubbling up in their blood. And because I am so grateful at that moment it is not I experiencing the brush with a nervous breakdown.

Also, yes, I am devious and mean-spirited.

Made in the innocent likeness of a flash drive, the PC Prankster plugs into any USB port and, based on its toggle switch setting, drives the next person to use the receiving computer down one of three different roads to insanity. Instigate a friend's, relative's, or co-worker's meltdown with one of the following options:

  • Caps Lock. Randomly enables and disables the Caps Lock key.
  • Keyboard. Splatters garbled text all over open documents and spreadsheets.
  • Mouse. Prompts erratic, uncontrollable cursor movements.

In an effort to preclude bodily injury or death to the deliverer of the practical joke, the PC Prankster will never activate a keyboard's Enter key, nor will it close or save open documents. Hmmm. Something tells me this "safeguard" isn't going to mean much to the person who panics when things start going awry, and then takes the traditional route of hitting random buttons out of desperation, accidentally deleting a week's worth of work along the way. To that person, your ass is grass. My advice: don't forget to pick up a Brutus the Bulldog keychain along with the PC Prankster.

The PC Prankster is a top Dude Gift for the Office pick.

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