PC5 People Counting Camera

Posted: February 02, 2021
PC5 People Counting Camera
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The PC5 People Counting Camera: for those of us who never fare so well when we run out of fingers. Designed with a 95% recognition and tallying accuracy rate when placed outdoors in direct sunlight, and a 98% accuracy rate indoors, the People Counting Camera is the go-to gadget for anyone who wants to count people. How can it tell something is a human and not a car? Or a Great Dane? Or a life-size cardboard cutout of Will Ferrell as Elf? How does the PC5 differentiate between a babe in arms and a cat in arms and a family-size pack of Charmin in arms?

It's a mystery.

But perhaps the better question is, why the Sam Hill would you want a PC5 People Counting Camera? Largely, maybe exclusively, for commercial applications. Perhaps so you don't exceed your maximum occupancy load, perhaps so you can gauge the business you did in a day, perhaps to count how many people showed up to your party versus how many RSVP'd, perhaps...I can't really think of a nefarious use for the PC5 People Counting Camera, aside from its being a camera that also records people without their expressed consent. But pretty much every business and smartphone carrying individual owns and operates one of those these days, so shrug, I say count away, dudes.

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