Purrble - Calming Toy with Heartbeat & Purr

Posted: January 28, 2022
Purrble - Calming Toy with Heartbeat & Purr
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Purrbles are plushies with a dynamic heartbeat and soothing purr, designed to teach children empathy, and help people of all ages fight stress and achieve calm. Question: what happens if you get the little furballs wet, or feed them after midnight?

Part high-tech gadget, part cuddle toy, Purrbles are interactive companions with variable heartbeats that simulate those of real humans and animals. When a Purrble feels startled or agitated by a sudden noise or movement, its heart rate increases. Purrble owners must then work to calm their buddy down, being gentle and soothing to return its heart rate to normal, and elicit a Purrble purr.

The idea is that as people learn to calm Purrble, they'll also learn to calm themselves. Perhaps they'll ultimately avoid getting worked up over so many things to begin with, or at least learn to "develop healthy responses to big emotions," and have empathy for others caught in the path of their feelings and reactions to them.

Purrble's dynamic heartbeat is controlled by 7 sensors that respond to touch and fidgeting.

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