Shargeek See-Through Portable Charger

Posted: November 18, 2022
Shargeek See-Through Portable Charger
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I see what you're doing here, Shargeek. I mean, it's hard not to with the see-through shell around your STORM2 portable power bank revealing all its inner workings and charging capabilities.

Shargeek claims to be the first in the world to create a fully see-through battery pack, which is maybe true, maybe not, but either way, I'm definitely noticing a visibility trend here. Just last month Zens released their Liberty Glass Edition Wireless Charger, and, come on. In a nod to the neon telecommunication hardware of the 90s, someone's gotta have a clear cell phone in the works. It makes sense, too. People are demanding visibility on all fronts these days.

Beyond the see-through wall of the Shargeek STORM2 is a 25600mAh battery able to juice an iPhone up to 7 times, a MacBook 1.2 times, an iPad 2.5 times, a DSLR 15 times...you get the gist. The power bank itself needs just 90 minutes to recharge. An intelligence IPS screen, also fully visible, provides constant insight into the STORM2's battery life, output distribution, running temp, and DC voltage adjustment.

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