tic - Threadless Button Mender

Posted: January 09, 2013
tic - Threadless Button Mender
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Gone are my days of ceasing to wear a shirt that has lost a button until I remember to take it with me to my parents' house so my mom can fix it while I suck down everything in their refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and my dad notes that I am still an "F'in Hoover." Well, now that I've found tic, at least the button mending part of that equation will be gone.

A set of toothy plastic clamps armed with staple-like brackets--not entirely dissimilar in appearance to Trongs--tic fold, join together, and twist off to reaffix shirt buttons permanently. No thread and no sewing skills required. Once tic completes its call of duty shirts are ready for normal use and washing without concern that the offending button will fall off. Ever. Again. Tic fasteners, available in white and black, also blend in with buttons and their underlying shirts such that the use of a thread substitute is virtually undetectable, even to people who prefer looking you in the chest or gut instead of the eye.

Tic works by joining its two pointy pins on one side with its two small valves on the other, and the twisting the clip lever until it falls off. For buttons with two holes, one tic does the job; buttons with four holes require two. Instructions for use:

  • Punch the spiky end on one tic through the underside of your shirt fabric.
  • Place the button on top of the spikes and clamp the tic shut.
  • Holding tight to the top and bottom of the button, rotate the tic clip until it falls off.
  • Toss the eco-friendly detached clip into the recycling bin.
  • Restart "Wild Thang" and resume learning how to do the worm.

Tic come in packages of 4. Though made in and distributed from Sweden, free shipping is being offered worldwide through January 31, 2013.

Muchas danke to Gear Hungry.

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