TinyTV DIY Kit

Posted: December 22, 2020
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Big screen? Flat screen? 8K UHD? Lame. Check out the TinyTV DIY Kit, a 3D print with - ready? - four push buttons, plus an ON / OFF switch! Now that's the cutting edge electronics gift for a kid I'm talkin' 'bout. Even better is the DIY part, meaning s/he's got to do a little physical and mental lifting if s/he wants to watch it.

According to creator TinyCircuits, the TinyTV DIY Kit takes just 5 minutes to assemble, and requires no soldering or special tools, so the "yourself" part will actually apply to your kid and not you while they go watch the aforementioned 8K UHD you got for Christmas. Once your build is complete, use the free Tiny Circuits TSVconverter to convert up to 5 hours of videos, movies, and TV shows, and then load the files onto the TinyTV's included MicroSD card.

TinyTVs are plain white, but ready for customization with acrylic paint or metallic Sharpie markers. The TV's settings menu allows for changing the TV mode to loop videos or change button values to use a different remote.

Tiny Circuits is a Tiny Celebrity around here - check out their Tiny Arcade Machines and TinyScreen Video Game Kit, which we love too.

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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