Wearable Chairless Chair

Posted: July 27, 2017
Wearable Chairless Chair

Welp, at least with the wearable Chairless Chair you'll never have to worry about someone stealing your seat. Or forgetting to save you one. Or expecting you to stand for the entirety of their lecture about your inability to rinse the stubble from the sink after shaving. Called a Wearable Ergonomic Mechatronic Device (WEMD), the Chairless Chair is an exoskeleton that bends and moves with your body when you're up and about, and then locks in place to provide a stable back support and butt cradle when you need to take a load off.

Swiss industrial design firm Noonee developed the Chairless Chair largely for workers in manufacturing plants - people with physically strenuous jobs, whose joints and muscles could benefit from sitting some while working, but who operate in environments with limited space for traditional chairs. Or where it wouldn't be very practical to drag one around the shop floor as they move to different areas of the machine - or patient - they're working on.

Noonee's German production facility rolled out the first batch of Chairless Chairs in 2016. I wonder if that entire factory is filled with dudes and ladies wearing Chairless Chairs to build them.

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