Yoshino B330 SST Solid-State Portable Power Station

Posted: May 10, 2023
Yoshino B330 SST Solid-State Portable Power Station

It looks like a portable speaker, but rather than blasting sound, the Yoshino B330 SST blasts power. To your portable speaker, if you like. Or your smartphone, tablet, laptop, fan, mini fridge, CPAP machine...CPAP machine? That's an interesting device to call out, Yoshino. But, yeah, if there's a power outage at home and it's bedtime, or you don't want to keep the whole forest awake while camping, having a solid-state portable power station for your CPAP isn't a bad idea.

The B330 SST is the most compact and lightweight in Yoshino's line of solid-state power stations. The 330 indicates it delivers 330 watts of power through AC, DC, or USB outlets, with a 241 watt-hour capacity that's enough to charge a dead phone to full 20 times before its solid state battery needs recharging itself. You can do that in 2-1/2 hours via AC power, 4 hours over USB-C, or 3-1/2 hours using Yoshino solar panels.

The "solid state" battery designation means the B330 SST battery has a higher energy density, and contains no flammable liquid electrolyte, so it can provide higher and safer power in a smaller package than lithium-ion batteries.

The portable power station has simple manual controls and an LED light on its front face, plus pairs with the Yoshino mobile app if you want to monitor charge level, battery health, connected devices, etc. remotely. The portable power station weighs just over 10 pounds and has dimensions of 10" x 6.1" x 9.5".

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