You Snooze You Lose Cash Alarm Clock

Posted: November 08, 2013
You Snooze You Lose Cash Alarm Clock
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In a nutshell--so you can start cookin' up how you're going to use the SnuzNLuz or who you're going to give it to without further ado--what you see here is an alarm clock that connects to your online bank account via WiFi, and donates your actual, real, liquid money to an organization you despise when you opt to snooze. Democrats, your dollar is headed to the Republican party, and Republicans, enjoy your contribution to the Dems. Environmentalists, send a few $ to the oil lobbyists. And card-carrying members of the NRA, that Abe Lincoln is heading to the Brady Campaign.

Or I suppose you could select an organization you support, and lessen the blow of the morningtime snooze, but where's the fun--and the incentive--in that?

The SnuzNLuz donation alarm clock connects to your home internet network either via the RJ45 jack on the back of the clock, or via WiFi. An embedded Web browser configuration utility allows for syncing, and from there you can select your online banking institution from over 1,600 the ThinkGeek wake-up gadget currently supports. Then select your idea of the most excellent/abominable charity or non-profit out there--over 6,200 to choose from on the included lists--and plug in the amount you can commit to funneling out per snooze.

Now here's where the real pain hits. The minimum amount SnuzNLuz accepts for each snooze incident: $10. Holy moly mostaccioli! I'd be out $50 before I even woke up from my nightly dream about BBQ Rib & Brisket Land! Guess that money would go to PETA.

Oh, and by the way, if you like this, you're going to love the Programmable Tattoo System and the Hairy Chest Sweater.

And for that matter, Boregasm Pills and healthy Carrot Cigarettes.

Remember, trickery may befall us at all times of the years, my friends. Never let your guard down.

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