ZEI Time- & Task-Tracking Dice

Posted: October 21, 2016
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ZEI time- and task-tracking dice have rolled--Indiana Jones boulder-style--past their $80,000 Kickstarter funding goal and, at 4 days left in the campaign, have collected over $265,000 in pledges. Now what I want to know is, who's pledging for these time overlords? These WiFi-connected productivity minders disguised to look like your favorite pastime's polyhedral game pieces? The dudes using them or the dudes who are the boss of the dudes using them?

Tempus fugit, Jetson! And you're wasting it!

These ZEI dice sound a little...loaded, if you know what I mean.

Or, for the less cynical out there, maybe ZEI will just be a little more engaging and gratifying than filling in a time sheet, or at least a little less likely to drain your life force. Users assign the dice 1 project for each of their 8 sides. Individual project time tracking begins as soon as that project is placed face up, and stops when the die is turned to another face, or switched off. Check out a GIF here.

ZEI apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android facilitate assigning and changing tasks on the die face, plus maintain an activity log of the day for immediate or later timesheet entry.

Learn more about ZEI and pledge for yours through October 26, 2016 here. Just make sure your timesheet reflects the half hour you've spent distracted by personal web content and online shopping.

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