Gerber Chonk Pry Bar

Posted: May 10, 2022
Gerber Chonk Pry Bar
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What the H-E-D-C, Gerber? Don't tell me something's a "chonk" and then show me a picture of a pry bar instead of a big fat fatty cat, or particularly well-fed grizzly bear. I like multi-tools and sweet new pieces of EDC as much as the next dude, but while your new Chonk Pry Bar is indeed "a little...extra" as you say, it is not, in my opinion, chonk-worthy.

But, to avoid confusion and poor SEO, I will oblige in calling it the Chonk Pry Bar. I will also let all my dudes and ladies in search of a new 6-in-1 pocket tool, or in search of a gift for Dad this Father's Day, know that you think it's a chonk because it's a whole 1" thick, and has managed to chonk itself up with with a nail puller, wire cutter, large flathead driver, small flathead driver, and bottle opener, in addition to its namesake pry bar.

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