Spider Web Light Up Doormat

Posted: August 29, 2023
Spider Web Light Up Doormat
$33 - $59
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I'll welcome only those with webbed feet into my home this Halloween. Feet, that is, that have been wiped clean on my Spider Web Light Up Doormat.

A cutesy piece of Halloween decor from Pottery Barn, the Spider Web Light Up Doormat is your standard coir mat with PVC backing, amped up for spooky season with a shape and paint job that make it look like a spider web. Further enhancing its suburban charm are 10 LED lights distributed throughout the web that illuminate when someone steps on the mat.

The LEDs in the Spider Web Light Up Doormat require 3 coin batteries (included) to operate, and stay on for 18 to 20 seconds each time they welcome a visitor. The mat is available in 18" x 30" and 22" x 36" sizes.

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