Zero Smoke Ring Blaster

Posted: October 07, 2015
Zero Smoke Ring Blaster

Zero Toys has got all markets cornered with its Smoke Ring Blaster. Kids. Halloween. Office shenanigans. And one that never would have occurred to me until I saw the above video: golden retrievers. I'm loath to admit that my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, made me watch all 86 seconds of it as she giggled and cooed at the unwitting little guy's expense. I'm even more loath to admit I didn't really mind.

Fill the Zero Blaster with its included water-based fog liquid (safe and non-toxic in case your pup wants to take a bite) and fire at will to enjoy a continuous procession of perfectly Oh-ed smoke rings lolling out the barrel to greet friends, co-workers, trick-or-treaters, or your favorite furry friend. The ray gun can shoot its rings up to 12 feet.

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