Handmade Wrist Knife

Posted: December 04, 2021
Handmade Wrist Knife
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Diamond Edge Knives' handmade D2 steel wrist knife is intended to be a mini blade always at the ready to assist with hunting, camping, and survival pursuits. But. I mean. Even tucked inside its hand-stitched leather sheath, I can't help but look at the wrist knife and see a wrist slitting knife.

I'll wear a watch around my wrist. A fitness tracker. A handsome beaded bracelet like the dude in the photo. And definitely some anti-seasickness wristbands. But a knife? I'll leave that as a gift for dudes who are slightly less superstitious - and unlucky - and, fine, clumsy - than I.

The wrist knife's overall length is 4", its blade comprising 2.5" of that. The hardness of its D2 steel is in the 55-60 HRC range, meaning you can sharpen it to a cutting edge that will be small but mighty, and actually useful if you have the precision and finesse to handle the little guy.

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