Mr. Stash Cap Bottle Storage Diversion Container

Posted: June 21, 2018
Mr. Stash Cap Bottle Storage Diversion Container
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Mr. Stash Cap knows it's much easier to swallow that "aspirin" with some water, and that nothing goes better with "oregano" than a bottle of grape Fanta. So Mr. Stash Cap isn't just willing to serve as your weed jar, pill box, or even breath mint container, he's offering to screw himself on top of your favorite plastic bottled beverage to do it covertly.

The Mr. Stash Cap bottle storage diversion container fits most water and sodie bottles, and has a lid that pops up to reveal just enough space for a little of your weed, wax, little helpers, or any other tiny, sensitive items you don't want to flash around when you're out.

Mr. Stash Caps likely won't draw too much attention to themselves, but aren't the most Bond-ready diversion compartments out there. If you look for even a couple seconds their size and flip-up lids give it away. The cap would be more believable screwed on to a lotion, shampoo, or liquid soap bottle, but then you'd look suspect for walking around with or keeping a lotion, shampoo, or liquid soap bottle in your cup holder.

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