Floating Record Vertical Turntable

Posted: June 25, 2015
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Whether you pride yourself on your extensive vinyl collection, have a particularly snazzy record you want to show off, or just think a vertical turntable would look sweet in your media room, Gramovox's Floating Record is one of the coolest audio designs I've seen in a while. Right up there with the oneTeslaTS. And a very welcome departure from the deluge of portable Bluetooth speaker product samples on my desk and portable Bluetooth speaker product suggestions in my inbox.

Though situated 180 degrees from the norm, Gramovox sacrificed no functionality or sound quality with its contemporary vision of vintage audio. The Floating Record still produces full-range stereo sound through its built-in speakers (or via RCA line out) and can still play both 33-1/3 or 45 RPM records by moving the player's silicon belt over the inner or outer groove of its middle gear. Still, the best part of the Floating Record is in its name: when the table's a-turning, the record's a-floating. At least that's the illusion.

While the option is there for vinyl enthusiasts to hook up their outboard gear, Gramovox intends the Floating Record to be just as accessible to first-time record listeners, and functional in minutes right out of the box. Also, adding to the aesthetics of the player's design, plus its inherent ability to spotlight the artwork on vinyls, is the space-saving perk of a vertical configuration.

The Floating Record is up pre-order via pledge on Kickstarter through July 28, 2015. Choose from a dark Walnut or light Maple base.

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