LUMI Keys Light-Up Portable Keyboard & Piano Teacher

Posted: March 10, 2021
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Chopsticks meets Chopin meets chomp, chomping up alien music notes in a LUMI Keys arcade-style piano tutorial. LUMI Keys is a portable keyboard and piano teacher. It accomplishes the former with a 2-octave digital piano with backlit LED keys that illuminate - along with making their A, B, C, D, E, F, or G sound - as you play.

As for the latter, LUMI Keys pairs (wirelessly) with a LUMI App on your smartphone or tablet to provide a self-directed, interactive "learning adventure" for budding and experienced pianists of all ages. The LUMI Keys virtual classroom contains over 100 lessons covering piano scales, chords, techniques, etc. Some modules are taught by coaches, while others allow you to test and practice your new skills in scored challenges inspired by classic arcade games. The colors and lights on the LUMI keyboard sync with those in the app, making the learning and playing process both easier to follow, and more engaging.

For those who just want to tinkle them some LED keys, there is also a LUMI Library of virtual sheet music, containing "hundreds of songs, from Bach to Beyonce to the Beatles." At printing, the LUMI Keys package was available for preorder at a $130 discount from anticipated retail price. For anyone looking for a gift for a musician, keyboards are expected to begin shipping in April 2021.

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