Pocket Piano - Modular, Magnetic Portable Piano

Posted: June 07, 2021
Pocket Piano - Modular, Magnetic Portable Piano
$1,032 - $1,215
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The Pocket Piano isn't quite pocket-sized, but this modular, snap-together magnetic piano is definitely portable enough to take and set up anywhere you want to play a 7-octave, 2-pedaled professional piano. Your mama's house. The cafeteria. The beach. The top of the mountain you just hiked up with your Pocket Piano in its barely-bigger-than-a-lunchbox carrying case.

And if you suck at piano? Well, hey. The Pocket Piano is a great way to make sure you can practice no matter where you go.

Apologies to your mama, the rest of the student body, beachgoers, and nature's wildlife.

Pocket Piano modules are each 16.4 x 16.4 cm (6.5") magnetic squares. Fully assembled the keyboard contains 8 modules, 7 octaves and one controller module, for a total length of 132 cm (52"). It has 87 keys - I don't know what happened to the 88th - plus 2 pedals. You don't have to connect all of the Pocket Piano modules to use it, only those you need at the moment.

Pocket Piano sound, settings, and effects come from pairing the instrument to with smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and using GarageBand to make selections and modifications, and record your tunes. You can play the Pocket Piano wearing headphones, or share your musical talent with the world by connecting your device to an external speaker or amplifier.

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