The Loudest Portable Speaker

Posted: September 13, 2017
The Loudest Portable Speaker
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I just learned about The Loudest Portable Speaker from my newly deaf friends Maurice and Sue, who just returned from testing Soundboks' 119dB bad boy at Burning Man. Conclusion:

It's loud.

And, also to their benefit, heat-, wind-, and dust-resistant. Even in the middle-of-nowhere Black Rock City desert, which supports Soundboks' second claim that their Loudest Portable Speaker stands up to shock, temperature, water, and weather like it ain't no thing. Now that summer is over, that goes for music lovers and dance partiers post-skiing, hot tubbing, and making snow angels too.

Soundboks combines custom-selected speaker parts with class-D amps to produce a Loudest Portable Speaker volume of up to 119dB, and a range of 100 yards. Add to that Bluetooth compatibility and a 50-hour battery life, and I'd say today's Cusacks looking to profess their love have found their boombox upgrade.

Under risk of being fired, I'll keep my suggestion of what to replace Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" with to myself.

The Loudest Portable Speaker's flight case is made of Baltic birchwood that's been reinforced with a brushed aluminum frame; the treatment is designed to withstand a 3' free fall without significant damage. It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries that can power the speaker for up to 150 hours on medium volume (104dB) and 50 hours on max. The Loudest Portable Speaker weighs a relatively light 30 pounds, deliberately so a single person can serve as its designated pack mule.

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