Nitecore T4K 4000 Lumen Keychain Flashlight

Posted: March 31, 2021
Nitecore T4K 4000 Lumen Keychain Flashlight
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Nitecore goes hardcore with their T4K, a 4000-lumen flashlight sized to fit on your keychain. The EDC powerhouse also has an easy-to-read OLED display showing brightness and battery levels. The former gives you five options, including a 10-second Turbo Burst Mode that shoots out the full 4000 lumens the T4K Flashlight has to offer. That will get you about 228 yards of throw and illumination from a torch no bigger than your thumb.

OK, maybe the Michelin Man's thumb.

Additional T4K Flashlight features include a quick-release mechanism on the keyring, so when you need its beam you can ditch the rest of your keychain without the tedious unspooling of coiled metal and inevitable detachment of a key or two along the way. The T4K also comes with a pocket clip if you prefer to EDC it that way. The USB-C rechargeable battery lasts up to 67 hours per charge.

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