Be Good / Stay Evil Decision Coin

Posted: November 16, 2016
Be Good / Stay Evil Decision Coin
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Santa, I swear, it's this coin's fault I've been naughty all year. Every time I flipped it the fates told me to "Stay Evil." Yeah, I know it's almost statistically impossible to get the "Stay Evil" side up repeatedly over the course of, like, 400 or 500 consults, but that only made me more sure the lucky little decision maker was right, and that I should heed its advice. Can I still get a new 65" Smart LED TV for Christmas?

The copper Be Good / Stay Evil Decision Coin features an angel on the front, a devil on the back, and a price tag suitable for giving as a gift to someone you like enough not to burden with a crappy paper weight or mug that says, "I have a case of the Mondays," but not so much that you're willing to buy him, say, a 65" Smart LED TV.

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