Feisty Pets

Posted: November 20, 2016
Feisty Pets
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These Feisty Pets are the perfect way to teach your kids about the true nature of animals. All cuddly puppy and squishy bear and magical unicorn at first sight, but get too close and...Rrrrrawwwrrr! Back the F off, son, or I'm gonna gnaw your face off! My only criticism is that Feisty Pets didn't also include a stuffed woman in their educational toy line.

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of huggable animals, Feisty Pets go from adorable, gentle best friends to scary, snarling beast friends when you squeeze their heads. Downturned brows and half-smiles shift into scowls and snarls with bared teeth. The Feisty Pet line of temperamental creatures includes: Sammy Suckerpunch, the dog; Princess Pottymouth, the cat; Grandmaster Funk, the monkey; Sir Growls-a-Lot, the bear; Karl the Snarl, the polar bear; and Glenda Glitterpoop, the unicorn.

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