Fingers Mk III - Tapping Fingers Mechanical Sculpture

Posted: February 10, 2021
Check It Out

There's something different about this sculpture...I just...can't quite put my finger on - oh! It moved! The hand, its fingers, they drum, they tap, they rat-a-tat-tat. Just like yours and mine do. And just like Nik Ramage's do. Ramage is the artist behind the Fingers Mk III, a mechanical sculpture whose motor lifts and taps it 4 fingers in the same way human hands lift and tap their own.

Ramage further humanizes the resin cast robotic fingers and thumb by forming them from a mold of his own hand. My guess is he got the idea for the kinetic sculpture from his own metronomic signaling habits too. Might have even been sitting around one day, restless and fidgety trying to figure out his next great project, and...bam. There it was. Tap-tap-tapping him in the face.

The Fingers Mk III mechanical sculpture runs on 2 x AA batteries.

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